Zen (RWW)
Zen (RWW)

Zen (RWW)

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Peter Oldmeadow
For the searcher who doesn't have thousands of dollars to spend on traveling the world seeking enlightenment ... Or hundreds of hours studying in order to begin a spiritual practice ... Or interest in reading dry translations of weird texts ... this little book provides some ideas and some answers. Oldmeadow's straightforward style, combined with illustrations and instructions, introduces complex ideas and practices readers can begin to implement immediately.Zen is a practical, inspirational, and easy-to-understand introduction to the wisdom of the Buddha and the ancient spiritual practice of meditation that is to Enlightenment. Today the ancient Eastern practices of Zen are finding new voices, interpretations and adaptations for contemporary living in the West.Zen introduces the history and basic principles, practices and cultural manifestations of Zen Buddhism in a concise, cheerful book that will delight any beginner.The mind can go in a thousand directions.But on this path I walk in peace. "Transforms age-old principles into simple practices that people can use to improve their lives right away. "Beautiful illustrated package designed for wide appeal at a very attractive price.

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