You Were Destined to Be Together [Paperback]
You Were Destined to Be Together [Paperback]

You Were Destined to Be Together [Paperback]

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Tom Arbino (Author)

There is a higher and faster way to attract your soul mate, and that way is Zen.

While using the Zen meditations in this book, the distance between you and your soul mate will vanish, instantly bringing the two of you together. Unlocking the deeper mind and your past life connections to your soul mate are the keys to reuniting with your soul mate in this life.

Some of the wonderful information includes:

The Nature of Love
The Nature of Soul Mates
The Alchemy of Soul Mates
Your Family was Destined
The Archetype of the Soul Mate

The quest to finding your soul mate need not be a long one, one of struggling, or one that involves pain. The question is all in how you choose to view it.

Your quest will involve learning, and that learning can either speed you up or slow you down, the choice is yours. It is best not to resist but to go where your quest for true love takes you. If you resist, you will only find pain and push your soul mate further away from you. But if you don t resist and go willingly where you need to go, then your soul mate will come running to you.

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