Women Celebrating Life
Women Celebrating Life

Women Celebrating Life

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Owens, Elizabeth
Enjoy life to its fullest, by celebrating the changes that occur on your path, as shown in Women Celebrating Life by Elizabeth Owens.In Women Celebrating Life, you will learn that change is not something which should be avoided or feared. Changes in your life will happen. You can turn your life by choosing to celebrate the times of transition in your life with beautiful, empowering rituals, pampering baths, candles, scents, and music. You'll learn how to do all this and more, in Women Celebrating Life.Have you ever noticed that certain birthdays are milestones and other birthdays are just markers of years gone by? Birthdays are special. Even if you don't feel as if you've accomplished enough to make this a remarkable day, consider this: you've completed another cycle in your life. Why not celebrate each birthday richly and fully? You'll learn how, in Women Celebrating Life.Every change should be celebrated. There are many rituals and traditions that mark the passage from being single to being married, but what about a celebration for a divorce? This is the start of a new period in your life. Why not hold a Severing Ties Ritual? You'll find out how in Women Celebrating Life.Welcome each birthday as your special dayGreet the changes in your body: puberty, womanhood, menopause, and agingDiscover how rituals can help you through difficult times of transition such as divorce, illness, and even the death of a loved oneThe rituals, affirmations, and nurturing suggestions in Women Celebrating Life do not have to be completed in order. Each chapter stands on its ownstart with the one that best fits where you are right now.If there was something you went through in the past but didn't celebrate, why not celebrate it now? No matter what your present age is, you can still honor your first menstrual cycle or enjoy a glorious twenty-first birthday party.The changes you go through are unavoidable. Women Celebrating Life urges you to celebrate them and live life to the fullest. Get your copy today.

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