Witches' Night of Fear
Witches' Night of Fear

Witches' Night of Fear

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Ravenwolf, Silver
When Bethany "sees" a murder before it happens, along with a mysterious three-eyed woman whose image keeps showing up in mirrors and glass, she and the other members of the Witches' Night Out coven decide to investigate. Together, they are drawn into a dark world of illusions and secrets, murder and magick, where nothing is as it first appears . . . and no one is safe.

Excerpt from Witches' Night of Fear

The wind has risen, and magick is afoot...

Bethany peeked out her bedroom window again. The pounding wind screamed, almost like a lamenting woman. Bethany shivered. "Element of air. Element of flow. Who killed Annabelle? Let me know." Bethany shoved open the window, stumbling backward as a gust of wind tore through her bedroom, rattling the bureau mirror, sending papers spinning in the air, pulling in dust and debris from outside. She stood in front of the open window; the drapes billowing around her, the picture of little Annabelle clutched firmly in her hand. She could feel the power of magick boiling in her blood, urging her onward, pleading to be released into the universe. "It's time," it whispered. "Time."

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