Witches' Key to Terror
Witches' Key to Terror

Witches' Key to Terror

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Ravenwolf, Silver
A devastating fire, a rash of farm accidents, a poisoned apple and a woman's mysterious disappearance-what's happening at the Bindart Orchard? People keep secrets but ravens and rabbits bring messages-if you can decipher them. When Cricket Bindart asks Bethany for assistance, the Witches' Night Out coven is drawn into a dark harvest of danger. Do you dare to join them?

In this excerpt from Witches' Key to Terror, the harvest moon has risen, and magick is afoot...

Sixteen-year-old Cricket Bindart knew she was in deep trouble. The dead bunny dangling from the mailbox was a good indication, and the note attached to the limp animal only served as conclusive evidence. "You're fast, but I'm faster..."

A noise in the orchard made her heart kick into double-time. A tendril of autumn-spiced wind fluffed her long copper hair, splaying the ends across the lifeless form of the bunny. The skin on the back of Cricket's neck itched and she imagined that somewhere in those darkened woods someone was watching her. In defiance, she pulled the rabbit free of the mailbox and threw it into the woods.

There was a crash in the bushes. Cricket's eyes widened. From the exact place she had thrown the dead rabbit, a live one appeared, bursting from the thicket and tearing across the cornfield, full force toward the face of the moon.

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