Witchbody: A Graphic Novel [Paperback]
Witchbody: A Graphic Novel [Paperback]

Witchbody: A Graphic Novel [Paperback]

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Sabrina Scott (Author), Tim Morton (Foreword)

"Cerebral, passionate, and beautifully drawn. A highly distinctive and engaging book." --Joe Sacco, author of Palestine

Witchbody is an invitation to experience what lies hidden beneath the surface of our everyday lives—to see the magic in all things. A plant, a tree, a coffee cup, garbage bins, you, me—they're all magic. Witchcraft is simply the power we’re all born with to awaken our senses to this magic, to awaken our “witchbody.” And that awakening is essential if we are to reframe our experience with Nature and with our precious planet.

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