Wildwood Way, The: Spiritual Growth in the Heart of Nature [Paperback]

Wildwood Way, The: Spiritual Growth in the Heart of Nature [Paperback]

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Cliff Seruntine (Author)

Discover the profound inspiration of the wild places. Author Cliff Seruntine and his family have lived their lives in the wilderness-homesteading, hunting, gathering, and treading lightly on the land while honoring its spirits. Let Cliff’s graceful pen lead you to a deeper understanding of nature’s magic as he shows you practical bushcraft skills and shares true stories of the sacred and enchanted to be found in the untamed natural world.

In these pages you will read tales of bear and deer, of towering maples and mysterious brooks, of the spirit forces to be found outdoors. The best way to come to know nature is to become part of its adventure, so Cliff teaches traditional skills like wild food foraging and tracking as well as spiritual skills such as the ancient spirit journey. Blending the perspectives of a true naturalist with the depths of the shaman, Cliff Seruntine is a seasoned guide for your journey into The Wildwood Way.

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