When Prayers Aren't Answered
When Prayers Aren't Answered

When Prayers Aren't Answered

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Welshons, John E.
Have you ever asked yourself where to find comfort in a world that seems so fraught with danger, where loss, frustration, and disappointment strike so unpredictably? Do you wonder how you can relate to a God whose power sometimes seems limited or, at least, withheld? When Prayers Aren't Answered faces these tough questions head-on. John E. Welshons does not ignore suffering; nor does he attempt to put a smiling face on tragic events. While looking directly at life's most challenging experiences, John helps us learn how to work through those trials with honesty, love, and equanimity. Using true-life stories as well as insights gathered from the world's great spiritual traditions, he demonstrates how to use the painful circumstances in life as fuel for our own spiritual journey. In When Prayers Aren't Answered, John gently guides us to a new understanding of prayer and how to best use it to feel spiritually connected, joyful, and peaceful in our modern world.

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