What a Coincidence! (RWW)
What a Coincidence! (RWW)

What a Coincidence! (RWW)

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Susan Watkins
What if all those seemingly insignificant little what a coincidence! moments you ve experienced were actually hinting at something very personal and important about yourself, and about the workings of human consciousness as a whole? Would you listen? Sue Watkins does. For more than thirty-five years, Susan M. Watkins, a former small-town newspaper reporter and the author of five books, has logged coincidences as they ve occurred in her life. What she s discovered is that single, seemingly inconsequential coincidences an old friend calling at the exact moment she pops into your head, for example are often pieces of larger, more complex and meaningful coincidence clusters that together create rich and revealing stories. In What a Coincidence! Watkins presents coincidence clusters that are truly astounding and, along the way, explores those two important questions: What do our personal coincidence clusters reveal to us about ourselves and our lives? And what do they reveal about human consciousness at large? The conclusions she draws are utterly life altering. You will never brush off those what a coincidence! moments again.

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