What We Share - Volume Two (RWW)
What We Share - Volume Two (RWW)

What We Share - Volume Two (RWW)

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Part Number:ISBN 1558964231-RWW Skinner House Books (Vartan)
These meditations celebrate "the common rituals that make us kin."

* Part of the new series of collected meditations that began with Day of Promise
* Stunning writing that catches the spirituality of our human experience
* Over sixty meditations suitable for public and private use
* "Creation outlines each slender twig with snow, a flake at a time.

With divine patience, winter writes a character, a syllable, a word, until nature's grace is there on every tenacious surface." -from Valentine More than 60 meditations that offer the reader the opportunity to find wisdom & hope. By capturing solitary moments alone with nature as well as warm holiday celebrations with family, this collection celebrates 'the common rituals that make us kin'. Meditation, or prayer, offers each of us nourishing moments of calm, the chance to look within, to reflect on our experience. Whether taken alone or in community, such moments are opportunities to be enriched and strengthened. Drawn from many faith traditions, these inspiring selections invite the reader to express in turn gratitude, grief, celebration, sorrow and acceptance.

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