Voices of Flowers (RWW)
Voices of Flowers (RWW)

Voices of Flowers (RWW)

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Rhonda PallasDowney
Flower essences, essentially homeopathic liquids, are widely available in all health food stores, many gift shops, some food chain stores, and chain pharmacies. They are increasingly popular with the millions of people who are turning to alternative healing solutions, especially those that offer a measure of individual control. Some of the essences are mass manufactured, while others are manufactured from Mom & Pop shops, such as the one Rhonda PallasDowney runs with her husband.

PallasDowney, a traditionally trained homeopath and the author of The Complete Book of Flower Essences, has made it her lifes work not only to treat people, but also to teach them to take charge of their own healing and wellness.

"Voices of Flowers is a jewel and reflects Rhondas deep passion and connection with the plant world." from the foreword by Rosemary Gladstar

Voices of Flowers helps readers listen to the flowerwhat does this color, this bloom, this essence speak to? Each flower offers a message to the reader. How is this connected to your life and what can you learn from it? Plus there are suggestions for contemplation and affirmations to further develop the true voice of the flowers that are calling you.

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