Visions of the Virgin Mary: An Astrological Analysis of Divine Intercession

Visions of the Virgin Mary: An Astrological Analysis of Divine Intercession

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Roberts, Courtney
Lourdes, Fatima, Medjugorje-millions of people of all faiths and nations flock to Marian shrines around the world, a testament to the enduring human desire for transcendence and meaning. Visions of the "Luminous Lady in White" abound; at Zeitun, Egypt, she was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of Jews, Muslims, and both Protestant and Orthodox Christians. Courtney Roberts adds a new and fascinating dimension to these miraculous sightings by exploring them through the perspective of astrology. Going beyond personal, cultural, and religious differences, Roberts places visionaries and their sightings into a cosmic framework. Using documented dates and times, along with easy-to-follow astrological illustrations and terms, she demonstrates how cosmic forces may have influenced these remarkable events and the people involved. In chart after chart, she reveals prominent aspects among the signs of Virgo, Cancer, the Moon, and the Nodes of the Moon. Her findings do not diminish the divine nature of the visions, but expand upon their relevance, reaching across the divide that separates Catholics from other Christians, and Christians from those of other faiths, all the while reconnecting Christianity to its true roots.

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