UFOs: The Great Debate
UFOs: The Great Debate

UFOs: The Great Debate

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J. Allan Danelek
UFOs: The Great Debate: An Objective Look at Extraterrestrials, Government Cover-Ups, and the Prospect of First Contact

Do UFOs really exist? Are we alone in the universe? Is the government hiding the truth from us? With his signature objective and balanced approach, J. Allan Danelek explores the controversial questions surrounding extraterrestrials that have raged for years.

This wide-ranging and captivating book begins with a historical overview of the decades-long debate, followed by an incisive look at the case for and against extraterrestrial intelligence. Danelek presents scientific evidence supporting UFOs and other life-sustaining planets, examines hoaxes, and raises practical objections based on radar findings and satellite observations. Next, he delves into government conspiracies and cover-upsincluding Roswell, alien visitation, and alien technology. There's also intriguing speculation about the alien agendacrop circles, alien abductionsand suggestions of possible scenarios, both benign and malevolent, for first contact with an alien race.

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