Truth About Enochian Tarot, The (Vanguard Series)

Truth About Enochian Tarot, The (Vanguard Series)

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Schueler, Betty; Schueler, Gerald J.
Now you can discover the divinatory power of the Tarot combined with the magickal power of the Enochian system, in The Truth About the Enochian Tarot by Gerald and Betty Schueler.

People have used the Tarot for centuries as a tool for divination and meditation. Yet, as the human race became more complex, there was a need for an equally evolved Tarot. In 1988 the Enochian Tarot was designed to fill that need.

This deck is explained in The Truth About the Enochian Tarot by the creators of that deck. In this book you will learn:

·A brief history of the Tarot
·The development of the Enochian Tarot system
·The cosmic planes of Enochian magick
·A brief history of Enochian magick
·Tarot card meanings for the Major Arcana
·Tarot card meanings for the Minor Arcana
·How the Enochian Tarot works

Enochian Magick was developed by Dr. John Dee (court astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I) and his psychic partner Edward Kelly. Dee and Kelly discovered?or rediscovered?an ancient language they called the Angelic, or Enochian, language. They were also informed of the subtle invisible worlds ("Watchtowers" and "Aethyrs") that surround the Earth. The magician visits these subtle regions and converses with their inhabitants and rulers.

Some people have called the Enochian system the most powerful system of magick available. However, the system is also complex. This has kept many people from tapping into its power. The Truth About the Enochian Tarot presents this system and the Tarot in a way that is clear and highly accessible. Get The Truth About the Enochian Tarot today.

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