True Ghosts 2: More Haunting Tales From The Vaults of FATE Magazine

True Ghosts 2: More Haunting Tales From The Vaults of FATE Magazine

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David Godwin
MORE true stories of encounters with the denizens of the spirit world.

A young man disappears while on a picnic in the Tennessee hill country and his ghost returns to the same place a decade later, shrouded in a strange fog that blocks the road. An abandoned ship refuses to be brought ashoreafter two crews inexplicably vanish from her decks, the ship herself disappears, taking one last group of doomed sailors with her. And a much-loved cat comes back from the spirit realm in the form of a kitten, after announcing her return to the family in a dream.

Over the past sixty years, FATE magazine has published thousands of true ghost stories. This collection brings you more of the best of these bone-chilling, bizarre, and sometimes heartwarming personal accounts from ordinary people who have had extraordinary run-ins with the spirit world.
Messages from the Dead
Ghostly Apparitions
Dream Visitations
Near-Death and Out-of-Body Experiences
Haunted Places Animal Spirits Spirit Guides and Angels Poltergeist Activity Astral Phenomenon, Vortexes, and Space-Time Slips

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