Tips from the Old Country Folk (RWW)

Tips from the Old Country Folk (RWW)

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Elizabeth Drury
With no Weather Channel, country people of yesteryear had to rely on signs passed down from generation to generation. In this lively little volume, you'll find wisdom from yesterday's families, living off the land and providing for all their own needs. But was their wisdom always wise?

The ashes of burned bees sprinkled over shoes is a cure for flat feet.

Never change the name of a horse. It's unlucky and it will annoy him.

Never a fisherman there would be if fish could hear as well as see.

Hundreds of interesting, fun tidbits of advice--some even useful--for living the self-sufficient life. We hear what the old country folk have to say about the bullishness of bulls and the sheepishness of sheep and pleasing bees by speaking sweetly and never swearing.

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