The Zodiac by Degrees (RWW)
The Zodiac by Degrees (RWW)

The Zodiac by Degrees (RWW)

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Martin Goldsmith
There are 360 degrees to the Zodiac. Finding one's place among these 360 degrees through die use of Sabian symbols means a far more accurate astrological profile and forecast than ever before. In "Zodiac by Degrees, astrologer Martin Goldsmith shows that a Sabian degree symbol makes a direct connection with a person's basic spiritual energies, and penetrates the private language of their personal mythology. The symbols help to connect people directly to the level of cosmic energies, and help them understand how these cosmic energies express themselves in human personalities. With more than 30 years of study and experience using the Sabian symbols. Goldsmith has not just intuitively reinterpreted existing Sabian symbols--he offers fine-tuned redefinitions based on extensive research comparing astrological charts with actual personality and psychological traits. Readers with printouts of their astrological charts can immediately find "Zodiac by Degrees helpful. For those without charts. Goldsmith lists resources where readers can get one--and jump right in. Goldsmith gives the overarching symbol and an extensive description of that symbol for each degree. He then illustrates how that symbol and degree influenced the lives of celebrity, historical and political figures along with their relevant planet and claim to fame. Serious and amateur astrologers will find "Zodiac by Degrees an indispensable volume that improves the accuracy of their profiles and forecasts.

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