The Wisdom Chronicles (RWW)
The Wisdom Chronicles (RWW)

The Wisdom Chronicles (RWW)

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Part Number:ISBN 1930491026-RWW Moment Point Press (Vartan)
The Wisdom Chronicles: An Everywoman's Awakening to Her Purpose is a spiritual and psychological journey in the tradition of Richard Bach, Neale Donald Walsch, and Deepak Chopra, but from a uniquely female perspective.

In this entertaining and enlightening novel our everywoman -- overworked, overwhelmed, unsatisfied, and at her breaking point -- drops out of life for a day and meets a mysterious teacher. What she finds is her purpose, and a better way to live.The Wisdom Chronicles offers a unique format -- a combination of fiction and self-help guide. Chapters alternate between scenes involving our everywoman and her teacher, and scenes in which she's applying her new knowledge to her daily life (interacting with her husband, children, co-workers, and friends). Each chapter ends with three "Awakenings," pointed questions and practical methods that help the reader to discover the blocks that keep her from living her life fully and with purpose.

More than simply an entertaining story, this novel takes the reader on a journey toward spiritual awakening, psychological clarity, and discovery of her life purpose. A great catalyst for personal growth and lively discussions, The Wisdom Chronicles is a perfect book-group title.

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