The Power of Oneness (RWW)
The Power of Oneness (RWW)

The Power of Oneness (RWW)

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Sandra Brossman
Twenty years ago, a divorce sent Sandra Brossman's life into an abrupt and devastating downward spiral--"flat broke, she lost her home, her business of ten years, all of her material possessions, and was raising a child by herself. She began the simple daily practices that led to this book, and her life turned around. In The Power of Oneness, Brossman shares what she's learned from her own personal experiences of recovery and transformation, combined with years of studying, teaching, and consulting.

Brossman's straightforward, jargon free style makes it easy to follow the exercises from chapters Zero through Nine; zero because that's where we all start from--in this challenging, changing time. Learn ten new rules for living, forgiving, healing, transforming--and the principles behind them. Experience the incredible power and peace of unconditional love of self. Heal emotional wounds and family rifts. Identify and release self-sabotaging behavior. Turn failures into successes. See that spirituality is part of your day, every day.

Follow the simple steps in this book, and pray A Vision Prayer for Oneness daily. Participate in transforming the world.None of this is beyond the grasp of any of us. With clear definitions, concise explanations, and a gentle question and answer format, The Power of Oneness offers non-threatening, practical tools to empower one to remember the spiritual world, heal the past, and consciously manifest the life they want to live in the physical world. "These very simple steps, when practiced every day, will have a profound impact on your life in a matter of months. "The Power of Oneness is like having a personal trainer for the soul, a set of power tools for thespirit. "There's no limit to what we can do or be when we are at One with ourselves, others, and the universe.

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