The Poison-Pen Letter Writing Set
The Poison-Pen Letter Writing Set

The Poison-Pen Letter Writing Set

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Don't sit around brooding after a bad breakup or a fight with a friend. You'll feel so much better if you get it all off your chest. What better way to give someone a poke in the eye than with a personally tailored poison-pen letter? This set contains everything you need to compose some really evil ones?just don?t let it go to your head. Remember, this kind of poison is best dispensed in non-fatal, preferably anonymous doses. Get ready for some serious scribbling below the belt! Ten potential poison-pen letters to send: (1) to your boyfriend who forgot to pick you up because he was involved with his (all-female) study group, (2) to the girls in the group, (3) to the teacher who chose the group, (4) to the best friend who saw said boyfriend walking with another girl and forgot to tell you, (5) to your sister for borrowing your favorite sweater without asking, (6) to the girl who thinks you'll always cover for her when she's late for work, (7) to your brother for forgetting to pay back the money he owes you, (8) to the friend who always wants to share your research notes, (9) to the jerk who parked you in?no need to know his name if you keep the pen and a card in your bag, and (10) well, you get the idea...

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