The Old Girls' Book of Spells (RWW)
The Old Girls' Book of Spells (RWW)

The Old Girls' Book of Spells (RWW)

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Cal Garrison
"Speeding tickets are an expensive nuisance. Use this spell on the day you have to show up in traffic court." Plus, a whole lot more real-life spells for real-life problems. Witchcraft, magic, and spell work are as old as time itself. But the "Sixth Sense," or mental pathway that controls thought processes, lies dormant for many women. Menopause changes all that - and the Third Eye is free to function. In The Old Girl's Book of Spells, author Cal Garrison urges women "of a certain age" to embrace their hot flashes and understand that menopause is a portal that can take them to higher levels of consciousness.

With a sly sense of humor and the wisdom of experience, Garrison conjures guaranteed spells for all aspects of life. From conquering insomnia to dealing with almost-adult children, she offers her time-tested, old girl's tips for using the power of focused intentions to work magic. An unwanted house guest? Invoke the "Don't Come Around Here No More" spell. Suffering from memory loss? Try the "Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are" spell. Afraid of flying? Pack a "Mojo" bag in your carry-on. Rough day? Imbibe a witch's brew - "Mother of the Skye's Magnificent Margarita."

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