The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism - The Healthy Mind Guides
The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism - The Healthy Mind Guides

The Natural Medicine Guide to Autism - The Healthy Mind Guides

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Stephanie Marohn
Autism is now an epidemic in the United States and in much of the world, rising by as much as 1000% in some areas. The Healthy Mind Guide: Reversing Autism explores why and offers effective treatment options and the possibility of a positive outcome via natural medicine therapies that can ameliorate or reverse the disorder in many cases.

Part I of the book covers the basics of autismwhat it is and what causes it. The book includes discussion of the following factors that are often involved in the disorder: vaccines, heavy metal toxicity, nutritional deficiencies/imbalances, food allergies, digestive problems and fungal overgrowth, viruses or viral overload, immune dysfunction, problems in the birthing process, and energetic legacies from unresolved family issues in previous generations.

A chapter in the book is also devoted to the deeper question of what makes a child susceptible to autismafter all, not all children who are vaccinated develop autism, for example. Included in this discussion is the work of William J. Walsch, Ph.D., whose latest research may well have pinpointed the genetic component of autism that has previously eluded scientific inquiry.

In addition to the biochemical therapy practiced by Dr. Walsh, Part II of the book covers a range of natural medicine treatments for autism. These are advanced therapies that demonstrate the comprehensive healing potential in the field, and include treatments to eliminate allergies, integrate childrens listening and learning skills, nutritional supplements to correct imbalances, cranial osteopathy to reverse birth trauma, and many more.

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