The Lost Girl (Fortune Teller's Club Series)
The Lost Girl (Fortune Teller's Club Series)

The Lost Girl (Fortune Teller's Club Series)

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Enderle, Dotti
Twelve-year-old Juniper and her friends Anne and Gena call themselves the Fortune Tellers Club. For the past two years they've helped each other using Ouija boards, tarot cards, crystals, and other forms of divination. When Gena misplaces her retainer, she turns to her friends for help. After several dead-end clues using the Ouija board, Juniper (the truly psychic member of the club) tries crystal gazing using a bowl of water. But instead of locating the retainer, she sees the gaunt face of a young girl.

The image is that of a missing child, nine-year-old Laurie Simmons. Now, the Fortune Tellers Club will stop at nothing, natural or supernatural, to find her.

·A middle-grade novel (ages 8–12) about a trio of twelve-year-old girls who use divination techniques to find a missing child
·Centers on practical fortune telling to solve a mystery
·Introduces new forms of divination to an age group particularly interested in fortune telling

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