The Fourth Perspective (CJ Floyd Mystery Series)
The Fourth Perspective (CJ Floyd Mystery Series)

The Fourth Perspective (CJ Floyd Mystery Series)

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Robert Greer
When bail bondsman and bounty hunter CJ Floyd opens an antique store, the last thing he expects is to be fingered for murder. But thats exactly what happens after an immigrant student tries to sell him a rare book. The book contains a hidden photograph as legendaryand valuableas the Maltese Falcon. The seller quickly turns up dead in an alley, and CJ is the main suspect. He corrals his friendsFlora Jean Benson and his band of hardscrabble urban cowboys and comrades in armsto help him find the killer. Before he knows it, CJ finds himself on the dark side of a historical looking glass that has him following eccentric power brokers, museum curators, art dealers and collectors, and academics down a trail of greed and corruption as they all vie for a picture theyre willing to kill for. It doesnt help that his psychopathic nemesis, ex-Olympian Celeste Deepstream, is busy plotting CJs demise for causing the death of her twin brother. The Fourth Perspective is a fast-moving, full-dress whodunit based on the last great American railroad construction project and its priceless photographic history.

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