The Divinity Factor
The Divinity Factor

The Divinity Factor

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Donald L. Hicks
Solve the Puzzle of Life!

Find the key to unlock your creativity.

Within each of us lies a Divine power. We can be blissfully happy, live in abundance, love and be loved, and have everything we ever need.

To tap this power, there is nothing to buy or save for; nothing to fear you might lose. You already have the latent ability to live your dreams today.

This power is your quintessential essence and your own Divinity. It is, and will always be, within you. It can never be taken away.

Step by step on how to use the 6 Laws of the Universe to create anything you want in your life.

1- All things are made of energy.
2- Our life force grows whenever we share it with another creature.
3- Whatever we believe we are, we are.
4- All things happen for a reason. There are no "coincidences".
5- All things that harmonize with the Universe can be measured in denominations of three.
6- "The Law of Just Rewards".

Unleash your Power with the use of the Divinity Factor

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