The Chakra System of Mount Desert Island

The Chakra System of Mount Desert Island

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P. Kaiser
The Chakra System of Mount Desert Island takes the reader on a tour in which the actual hike or journey from locale to locale becomes a vision quest and operates on an internal as well as an external level. As we are led along the path of discovery, not only do we learn about the seven major chakras of Mount Desert, we are also taught how to discover chakras in every local, large and small. The traveler gets a chance actually to go to rocks and tiny bodies of water that have special power. He or she gets to look out from the hills and mountains across vast vistas and understand the energy of an entire system made up of islands, glacial moraine, a fjord (Somes Sound), and Cadillac Mountain itself. In a classic feng-shui mode Kaiser views the Mount Desert system of mountains, islands, kettle ponds, hillocks, etc., as a system of energy gates. Placing oneself in the correct alignment with these leads to insight and healing.

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