The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations (RWW)
The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations (RWW)

The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations (RWW)

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Claire Hamilton
The ancient Celts lived in harmony with nature, celebrating the season through raucous festivals, which always included feisty tales with morals and soul-stirring poetry. The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations offers an inspirational collection of prose, verse, and meditations drawn from ancient lore and designed to draw modern seekers into the rhythms of nature. Claire Hamilton's overall introduction, simply and briefly, gives readers the tools they need to interpret the recurring symbols and meanings in these excerpts. She gives ideas for meditation using the readings--how to invoke nature, how to go to the Well of Wisdom, how to meet the Goddess in one of her many aspects. The body of the book is organized by season, each beginning with a short introduction of Celtic practices and beliefs particular to the season. What follows are the tales of warriors and lovers, goddesses and gods, and maidens and faeries, the songs of heroes and poetry in celebration of nature. Meet Queen Medbh, an independent ruler who chose her husband by the qualities he must lack--meanness, fear, and jealousy. Spring has its Meditation on Air, and other ways to consider the meaning of things new, not just at the time of year. Ditto all the other seasons. This collection offers a wealth of scholarship and information in an easy-to-understand and use format. Summer' from Amergin's Poem of the SeasonsSummer is the season for long journeys, silent is the wood of the tall trees undisturbed by wind, green is its clothing, a sheltering canopy. The water sucks and swirls in the stream and there is warmth now in the very clods of earth. "A celebration of the ancient Celts and their spirituality--"use it for individualmeditation or in group rituals and practice. "Mythic tales of warriors and faeries, meditations on the meanings of elements, and the symbols of nature. "Celtic wisdom and lore made simple and interesting.

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