The Cat Guru (RWW)
The Cat Guru (RWW)

The Cat Guru (RWW)

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Naina Lepes
A semi-wild cat named Sweetie enters the authors kitchen in an ashram in India and gives birth to two incredible kittens, Bhakti and Samah. This seemingly mundane event triggers a whirlwind of wonder and humor, love and pathos, delight and questioningas we too become initiated into a new order of intimacy with natures laws. As the story unfolds, it evolves from a simple tale filled with the surprises of maya, to Nainas reaction to the events, whether known or surmised. Both these levels are supported by the spiritual insights that are continually being offered, as the cats become our teachers. The Cat Guru reveals that caring for animals teaches us love and compassion, and encourages us to open our hearts to a higher consciousness, bringing new meaning and depth to our lives. The book includes 16 color photos of Sweetie and her kittens, as well as footnotes and glossary, for those who are interested in Hinduism.

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