The Book of Fallacies (RWW)
The Book of Fallacies (RWW)

The Book of Fallacies (RWW)

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While a vice president in the computer industry, Lynda Dahl learned the metaphysical power of consciously directed thought and used it to create a million dollars. Since then she has used conscious creation to leave her long-time executive career, become an award-winning published author, co-found a publishing company, and host a radio talk show. In The Book of Fallacies, Dahl, with the help of her daughter, actor Cathleen Kaelyn, has distilled what she has learned into a primer, taking tired old beliefs---the "fallacies" that we have taken to be the facts of our existence---and countering them one by one. The result if a beautiful and practical little primer of new age thought. Formerly vice president of sales and marketing for Apple Computer, Lynda Dahl is listed in the Who's Who Registry of Global Business Leaders. She now writes and lectures extensively on consciousness and has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. She is the president and co-founder of Seth Net International. She currently lives in Eugene, Oregon

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