The Big Book of Women's Trivia
The Big Book of Women's Trivia

The Big Book of Women's Trivia

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Alicia Alvrez and Erin Barrett
The Big Book of Womens Trivia spans history, crosses cultures, ranges from the silly to the salacious to the truly useful and back again. Organized into ten chapters: Women and Their Wardrobes, The Body Beautifuland Not So, Ladies Matters of Love, In the Ladies Room, Ladies Look at the Animal Kingdom, Women Doing It for Themselves, Saintly Manifestations and Royal Subjects, Womens Sporting Life, Celebrity Sightings of the Female Variety, and finally, Final Feminine Facts You Absolutely Cant Live Without. The Big Book of Womens Trivia will teach ladies little known facts about the history, fame, fortunes, fashions, and fictions of the female species enough to impress their mother and their boss, to win arguments with their boyfriends and husbands, and to generally know more about their fabulous female selves. "Women's matters are anything but trivial." (Anon (who was a woman))

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