The Bible's Awesome Number Code

The Bible's Awesome Number Code

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Bonnie Gaunt
Researcher Bonnie Gaunt follows up her fascinating research on Bible codes, or Gematria, with a new discovery of the numeric patterns in the Bible and their relationship to the 345 triangle, the earth, moon and sun. She presents evidence that a Great Intelligence has created a time line for the benefit of humankind. Using the number code, she demonstrates how:

The parable of the Good Samaritan is a time prophecy of Jesus' return

Jesus' miracles are encoded with the date of "The Third Day."

Barnabas explains in the New Testament how the Number Code works in the Old Testament

Abraham demonstrated pre-knowledge of Jesus and his works.

The Hebrew Year 5760 (1999-2000) reveals the code for the end of the Apocalypse The Bible's Awesome Number Code takes us on a journey from Bethlehem to Golgotha, forward to our year 2000, and beyond!

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