The 3 Choices: Simple Practices to Transform Pain into Power [Hardcover]
The 3 Choices: Simple Practices to Transform Pain into Power [Hardcover]

The 3 Choices: Simple Practices to Transform Pain into Power [Hardcover]

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Jorge Cruise (Author)

For nearly 20 years, Jorge Cruise has been changing peopleメs lives as a personal trainer, coach, and author of multiple New York Times best-selling fitness books. He thought he had everything he wanted: a thriving career, a loving wife, wonderful children, a big house, and all the toys and gadgets he could ask for . . . So why did he still feel empty inside?It took losing everything for Jorge to realize that he was living a life that wasnメt true to himself. He spent years trying to discover and then accept his authentic self, a journey that culminated in his discovery of the three simple choices that lead to a happy life. Once he internalized these concepts, Jorge began to wake up every day feeling fulfilled, hopeful, loving, and freeラand as he shared his discovery with clients, he saw them experience the very same results.Now, with Jorge as your guide, you too can easily and joyfully find your happy life by making three simple choices that will change everything: ユBe Imperfectly You: Understand and reconnect with your authentic self, learn how to accept your flaws, and then reveal and live the best part of you with the help of customized affirmations from Jorge that make up your "Happy Code." ユDonメt Hold Your Breath: Get a short course in the practice of mindfulness, starting with your breath; learn the science behind the benefits of breathing and mindfulness for your brain, body, and spirit; and be guided through different breathing techniques for specific purposes, including stress relief, immune boost, and calming emotions. ユMove to Improve: Learn why movement (and not necessarily traditional exercise!) is essential for mental and physical health, understand what fuels motivation, harness the power of personal meaning, and use a scientifically proven method to transform movement into a true habit.With every choice you make, moment by moment, you have the power to give yourself the happy life you truly desire. So make your first choice nowラopen the book, open your mind, and get ready to wake up every day feeling what you want to feel.

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