Tea Bliss (RWW)

Tea Bliss (RWW)

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Theresa Cheung
Tea is all the rage and, according to trendspotter Faith Popcorn, part of a "feel better" experience consumers are now demanding in their purchases. In this stress-filled world, tea offers a simple antidote to just about everything, as author Theresa Cheung posits in her marvelous new book Tea Bliss.

As Cheung--a resident of the UK where everyone knows that tea is better than chicken soup as a cure for mind, body, and soul--points out, the boom in tea is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

1. Tea helps people relax.
2. Tea makes people healthier.
3. Tea makes people happier.

Sit down. Have a cuppa. Not only is it a delightful way to spend a few moments with yourself or a friend, but drinking various kinds of tea can also help you fight cancer, lose weight, and even remain more youthful! "Taking tea" simply demands a break from dull routines and requires you to slow down, savor, and reflect on the world around you as well as the world inside you.

Illustrated throughout with four-color photographs, Tea Bliss is a warmhearted, comforting book that describes the arts of blending and brewing tea as well as the performance of ritual tea ceremonies. Chapters include "Tea for Two" on the positive effect tea has on friendship, and "Well-being" on how invaluable tea can be to an individual's health, as well as a glossary of terms and a veritable encyclopedia of every type of tea. Blending inspiration and sumptuous illustrations with fascinating facts about tea, Tea Bliss is an ideal and relaxing gift.

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