Taste: A Life in Wine - Hardcover
Taste: A Life in Wine - Hardcover

Taste: A Life in Wine - Hardcover

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Anthony Terlato
Anthony Terlato's story is not simply the usual CEO narrative of achieving business success, nor is it the typical winemaker's tale of pursuing perfection in a glass. Straddling both of those stories, Terlato uses broad strokes to show how one individual had an enormous impact on Americans' wine-drinking habits. Wine journalist Linda Murphy described Terlato in the San Francisco Chronicle as "one of the most accomplished wine personalities on the planet," and readers of this account of a 50-year love affair with wine see this affable, intelligent man at his finest.

"It's a nearly ubiquitous sight in Italian restaurants, and now [in his] autobiography [Terlato] tells how he introduced Santa Margherita pinot grigio to the United States."
- H. Lee Murphy, Crains Chicago Business

"Terlato has cast a large shadow across Chicagos wine community for the better part of half a century...[and now] he has found time for recollection and reminiscence."
- William Rice, Chicago Magazine

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