Tarot Of The Orishas Book
Tarot Of The Orishas Book

Tarot Of The Orishas Book

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Zolrak & Durkon
The remarkable Tarot of the Orishas employs, for the first time ever, the powerful energies of Brazilian Candomble. Candomble originated with the Yoruba people of west-central Africa and is similar to Santeria in its worship of the Orishas -- archetypes of sacred, powerful, and pure energy. Meet the passionate Chango, the most powerful of the Orishas; Oya, guardian of the gates of death; and Oshun, patron of love, gold and marriage. The accompanying book delves into the origins and symbolism of each card, which together provide lessons for your daily life that go far beyond the material world. This is only the book.

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