Sweetpea's Secret
Sweetpea's Secret

Sweetpea's Secret

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Renay Jackson
Renay Jacksons previous books in this series introduced the curious character of Sweetpea, whos not exactly what he seems. By day hes Horace Boudreaux, mortgage broker and sometime playboy who likes nothing better than getting down with his girlfriend Harriette. Other times, hes one of Oaktowns more successful hitmen. He doesnt kill only for pleasure, though hes sadistic enough to smile while doing it; in Sweetpeas Secret he kills for revenge. Oaktowns notorious gangster Big Ed Tatum is one of his clients and so normally immune from Sweetpeas wrath. But Big Ed crosses the line when he courts Sweetpeas older sister Crystal, and worse, his henchman almost kills Sweetpeas little sister Peanut. The hitman is happy to slash Big Eds throat in a Vegas parking lot. But the dead dont always stay dead, as Sweetpea learns. Back on Oaktowns mean streets, more adventures await as he takes on a trio of ruthlessly amoral, baby-faced thugs working the City Center. Renay Jacksons raw style, streetwise characters, and uncensored images of living just enough for the city make Sweetpeas Secret a memorable addition to the growing canon of important urban lit.

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