Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me
Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me

Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me

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Martin Millar
Glasgow, 1972. All the coolest kids in town are lining up for Led Zeppelin tickets. Overhead, a Zeppelin approaches. Its passengersJimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Hank Williamsthink its worth leaving heaven to see the greatest rock band in the world. Even the fairies are fans. Meanwhile, nerdy Martin and his equally nerdy best friend Greg have overactive imaginations. When they arent fighting the monstrous hordes of Xotha, they are competing for the attentions of a popular (read: unattainable) girl named Suzy. Shes not likely to ditch Zed, the hippest boy in the school, for the likes of them, is she? Then again, with Led Zeppelin on the way, it feels like anything can happen. Suzy, Led Zeppelin, and Me takes readers on a ride through Martins angsty and fumbling youth, when Led Zeppelin comes to Glasgow and rocks Martins world, and through his angstridden and fumbling adult years, when he learns what cant be denied: love may break your heart, but Led Zeppelin will never let you down.

Paperback: 224 pages
ISBN-10: 1593762003
ISBN-13: 978-1593762001

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