Sunfood Living: Resource Guide for Global Health
Sunfood Living: Resource Guide for Global Health

Sunfood Living: Resource Guide for Global Health

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McCabe, John
With this encyclopedia-style guide, you have at your fingertips everything you need to know to live a healthy, eco-friendly life in our industrialized, consumer-driven society. Collected here is concise information on every relevant topic imaginable, including: the food shortage myth, pollution caused by farm animals, poisons in cooked food, plant-based food and health, soaps and detergents, fair trade, heart disease, hunger and homelessness, etc. Woven in among the tips are countless quotes from Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., David Attenborough, and many other famous, respected figures. The bulk of the book is made up by the Sunfood Living Directory, which directs readers to the organizations, publications, and other resources they can turn to for in-depth information on each topic.

Sunfood Living is a lifesaving book. Its abundance of documented facts demonstrates how our current way of living and eating rapidly destroys the environment and our health. John McCabe offers a wide spectrum of sustainable solutions from around the world. I consider this book a timely eye-opener for individuals, families, businesses, and governments.
Victoria Boutenko, author of the books Green for Life; 12 Steps to Raw Food; and co-author of The Raw Family: A True Awakening;

Sunfood Living is a heroic compilation that every household will benefit from. A key catalyst for action and responsible living is access to information, and these pages provide an encyclopedia of resources for just that. Sunfood Living is a steadfast tool to reclaim the power of choice each of us wields in shaping the future of global health. In a time when consumerism and lifestyle have an unparalleled, momentous impact on our planet, this book offers information, options and solutions for shaping the change we wish to see in the world.
Renée Loux, author of Living Cuisine: The Art and Spirit of Raw Foods; celebrity chef and TV personality;

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