Success Secrets
Success Secrets

Success Secrets

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Webster, Richard
Rekindle Your Passion for Your Life's Work

Don't lead a half-life, Matthew. I'm trying to help you find your passion. When you find your passion you'll never work again. Of course, you'll probably work extremely hard, but it won't seem like work. Because it is your passion, your purpose, your reason for being here.

Matthew lacks vision and passion in his life. His marriage is on the rocks and his job status is precarious. Just as he is feeling the lowest he's felt in years, he finds in his mailbox an envelope addressed to him, with no return address and no stamp. He instantly recognizes the handwriting as that of his history teacher from high school. Matthew has not seen or talked to Mr. Nevin in thirty years. Why would Matthew get a letter from him now?

The first letter from Mr. Nevin arrives just as the problems in Matthew's personal and business life are reaching a crisis level. Each well-timed letter gives Matthew encouragement and new ways to deal with his life. After the seventh letter, Matthew sets out to find Mr. Nevin and thank him personally. As the story ends, Matthew discovers that the letters from Mr. Nevin truly are an extraordinary gift.

Success Secrets: Letters to Matthew is a touching story about following your dreams, overcoming obstacles, and rekindling your passion for life. This book is the perfect companion volume to Richard Webster's immensely popular Seven Secrets to Success: A Story of Hope.

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