Stuck Down
Stuck Down

Stuck Down

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Rosenbloom, Eileen
After a yelling match with his dad, teenaged Kevin went skiing and suffered a fatal accident. Since his death seven months ago, he has quickly adjusted to the afterlife in Nirvanaville -spending time with his girlfriend Nicole in a heavenly world of singing flowers, talking pets, and endless games.

His idyllic lifestyle is shattered when he volunteers to deliver a letter to his girlfriend's mother on Earth. A motorcycle crash lands him in jail and puts him face-to-face with Morty, a menacing "dweller" who prefers to spend the afterlife wreaking havoc on humankind.

Stripped of his powers, Kevin cannot return to Nirvanaville until he takes care of "unfinished business" - repairing the fragile relationship with his father. Convincing his dad-who is also the prosecuting attorney in Kevin's trial-that he's come back from the dead won't be easy. And if they can't reconcile their differences . . . Kevin will be stuck down on Earth forever.

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