Spirit Horses (paperback)
Spirit Horses (paperback)

Spirit Horses (paperback)

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Tony Stromberg (Photographer) , Linda Kohanov (Foreword)

The power, grace, and freedom of horses had always resonated deeply with Stromberg. Through his photographs of these magnificent beasts, he sees a way to bridge what he calls モmodern lifeメs disturbing separation between people and nature.ヤ The result is Spirit Horses, showcasing 140 of Strombergメs extraordinary color portraits of these animals, along with quotations from leading teachers and writers exploring equine wisdom and its intersection with spirituality. The photographs in Spirit Horses were shot in a variety of locales, from wildlife sanctuaries to private ranches to natural habitats in Europe and the western United States. These images ラ and the accompanying quotes ラ offer a portrait of horses as profound teachers, giving strength and stability to a world out of balance.

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