Speaking of Jane Roberts (RWW)
Speaking of Jane Roberts (RWW)

Speaking of Jane Roberts (RWW)

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She was one of the most important psychics of the twentieth century. Over 7.5 million copies of her books have sold throughout the world. Now, Speaking of Jane Roberts reveals the story of a woman as fascinating as the material she produced.

Susan Watkins and Jane Roberts were friends for sixteen years. Early on, Seth, the entity who spoke through Roberts, told the two women that they were counterparts, connected in this particular lifetime to work out some shared personal issues. In addition to being a compassionate and sometimes painfully honest look at Roberts' life---her difficult childhood, her constant questioning of psychic abilities and sources of creativity, her resistance to Seth's advice, her dramatic struggles with her health---Speaking of Jane Roberts is also a beautiful and applicable illustration of the counterpart relationship. The connection that Watkins and Roberts share reveals something important about the power and mystery of the connections we all share with the people closest to us.

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