Sounds Like Om (RWW)
Sounds Like Om (RWW)

Sounds Like Om (RWW)

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Danny Becher, Rick De Ruiter, and Marjolein Berkvens
The many scriptures about the OM sound call it the mantra of all mantras. Traditionally, this sound is viewed as the mother sound, the source of all other sounds, or even the origin of creation. The OM sound is a harmonizing vibration, resonating in the whole of our bodies, while lifting our spirits to another level. The visual image of the OM sound is called the Sri Yantra, which consists of two series of triangles surrounded by lotus leaves and circles. Meditating on the Sri Yantra while chanting the OM manta is a powerful spiritual practice.

"The existence of inner sounds cannot be denied. Just look at your own breathing. Even the activity of your nervous system has its own sound, if you know how to listen. This inner sound is not something the Mahayana Buddhists have made up. It is the scientific reality of your inner being." Lama Yeshe

This book and CD set offers a unique way to learn about the Sri Yantra symbol and the OM mantra, which has been used for over 5,000 years by Eastern yogis to facilitate concentration and meditation. With simple exercises and meditations, the book offers insights to be put into practice instantly, enhancing mental and physical health. The CD features a variety of OM chanting sounds. Some tracks show how to train the voice and breathing and others are made to be internalized as a sound meditation on the intense tranquillity and beauty of the OM mantra, which can only be experienced in the here and now.

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