Sophia (RWW)
Sophia (RWW)

Sophia (RWW)

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Susanne Schaup
The resurgent interest in the wisdom of the Goddess and ancient matriarchal religions makes "Sophia" a timely read! Schaup explains that the Divine Feminine has been with us all along, hidden in ancient Christian scripture, and has taken many different forms and names in Eastern and Western culture. She is Sophia, or Divine Wisdom. Dr. Schaup heralds a paradigm shift in our concept of God with this provocative chronicle of the manifestation of the Divine Feminine throughout history and in the world's diverse cultures. With this beautifully written book, Dr. Schaup teaches us to recognize Sophia and Her relevance to our time so that we can restore Her to Her rightful place in our hearts and minds, alongside the "Fathergod", and gain a new sense of wholeness.

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