Somebody's Someone
Somebody's Someone

Somebody's Someone

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Regina Louise
This remarkable memoir shines the light on the plight of children with no parent to wake them up with a gentle kiss, to send them off to school with a packed lunch, to read them a bedtime story as they fall off to sleep. These are nobody's children who, due to their circumstances, are rarely able to climb out of the shadows of society, instead left to fend for themselves in an inhospitable world. But while Somebody's Someone exposes the extreme trials these children endure, it is also a triumphant story of how one young girl makes it out alive. Never before has the voice of an abandoned child been so perfectly rendered, intimately captured, and lovingly portrayed. With Somebody's Someone, Regina Louise emerges as an extraordinarily gifted writer whose voice is filled with raw emotion, shocking honesty, and pure lyricism.

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