Sole Sisters -The Joys and Pains of Single Black Women
Sole Sisters -The Joys and Pains of Single Black Women

Sole Sisters -The Joys and Pains of Single Black Women

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Deborah Mathis
The news is not good for black women when it comes to finding a partner. Where not long ago there were roughly two married women to every single woman, those numbers have gradually reversed over the past few decadesnow, more than 60 percent of black women have either never married or are divorced. These numbers are far greater than those of any other social group, and the trend shows no sign of reversing.So what are black women to do if their odds of finding a husband or life partner are getting longer every year? How do they find their way through life as sole sisters? What are the unique challenges they face in terms of companionship, love, sex, and motherhood?

In order to find out, veteran journalist Deborah Mathisherself the divorced mother of two daughtersinterviewed 125 single black women in order to delve into the realities of life as theyre living it today. What she found were women taking a wide variety of different approaches to their singlehood. Whether shrinkers, tickers, freestylers, double-dippers, flamekeepers, or others, these women were alike in that the reality of life as theyre leading it means that theyll more than likely remain single. Some are accepting their singledom with grace and peace; others bend all their efforts to finding a man with whom to share the rest of their lives. All are struggling to maximize the joy they find in life and minimize the pain.

Mathis brings the skills of an astute veteran journalist and the passions of an attentive and articulate storyteller to uncovering the truths in single black womens lives today. Sole Sisters is certain to ignite public debate on how and why so many black women remain single in America today, and spark discussion as to what semi-permanent singlehood means for so many women.

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