Snowflake Obsidian & Feather Charm Pendulum

Snowflake Obsidian & Feather Charm Pendulum

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A faceted Snowflake Obsidian pendulum adorned with Onyx & Snowflake Obsidian rondelles, pewter daisy spacers and a feather charm with black resin detailing. Comes with a velveteen pouch.

Obsidian: Connects mind and emotions. Slightly masculine energy. Grounds spiritual energy into physical plane. Absorbs and disperses negativity. Reduces stress. Helps clear subconscious blocks. Brings an understanding of silence and "the void." Detachment, but with wisdom and love. Powerful healer for those attuned with it. Chakra(s): Root.

In addition to the generic healing properties of Obsidian, Snowflake Obsidian is calming and soothing. Teaching one to value mistakes as well as successes. A stone of purity, provides balance for body, mind and spirit. Helps one recognize and release “wrong thinking” and stressful mental patterns. Promotes dispassion and inner centring. Empowers isolation and loneliness, aiding surrender in meditation. Chakra(s): Base.

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