Snow Melting in a Silver Bowl (RWW)
Snow Melting in a Silver Bowl (RWW)

Snow Melting in a Silver Bowl (RWW)

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Nancy Brady Cunningham
Active meditation is the solution for those who dont have the time or patience to sit still and wait for enlightenment and peace. Snow Melting in a Silver Bowl is a collection of activities designed to focus the mind if only for a moment to see the spiritual in the physical world.

Active meditations are ceremonies of "intention" the universal spiritual practice of simply paying attention to the inner and outer worlds. Author Nancy Cunningham helps readers choose a prop or props that represents a physical element that appeals to one of the five senses. She then offers steps to get in touch with a universal energy that brings about a shift in consciousness and perception. The active meditations collected in the book include ceremonies, rituals, celebrations, observation, tangible visualization, and dramatized prayer.

Snow Melting in a Silver Bowl offers a variety of ceremonies and rituals for special events, seasons of the year, and even mini rituals designed for everyday use. The active meditations in the book help readers experience the extraordinary in the ordinary.

The meditations are illustrated with the work of photographer Denise Geddes evocative images that capture the soul of everyday objects.

Snow Melting in a Silver Bowl is the perfect companion or gift for anyone who wants to live deeply and connect with an energy that lies just below the surface of the everyday world.

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