Skater Boys: Gay Erotic Stories [Paperback]
Skater Boys: Gay Erotic Stories [Paperback]

Skater Boys: Gay Erotic Stories [Paperback]

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Neil Plakcy (Editor)

Two words describe the appeal of skateboarders: barely legal. It takes a tough and independent young man to find the best places to shred, so itメs no wonder skaters have become the object of fantasies by gay men: brimming with attitude and sexual confidence, skaters are athletic and quick to shed their shirt. Besides being rough and ripped, the hot young studs in Skater Boys all have one additional thing in common - a love of gay sex. Teen shredders get it on with each other in モSlash-n-Burn,ヤ モCarter DuBose,ヤ and モTotally Choice.ヤ Older men get their share of boarder bootie in モSex in the Streetsヤ and モIn This Our Day.ヤ モSomething to Remember You Byヤ and モBoyz in the ムHoodヤ pack an emotional punch, while "Kick, Push" and "It's Not About Love" are just great fun. Take a ride with the uninhibited, wild young men of Skater Boys.

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