Silence of John, The: A Novel [Hardcover]
Silence of John, The: A Novel [Hardcover]

Silence of John, The: A Novel [Hardcover]

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D. S. Lliteras (Author)

Jesus did not die alone. He died in the company of women, and in the presence of John's silence. Yet, this silence of one brother disciple resounds more loudly than all the lamentations of sister disciples, who loved and followed and took care of Jesus, before and after his death.

The power of this silence demonstrates and reinforces the cultural exclusion of women: their contributions to a new religious spirit, their loving support during his life, their heartfelt presence at his crucifixion, their tender care after his death, and their believing witness after his resurrection.

Through the women of Palestine, Lliteras brings to life the love and the sorrow, the loyalty and the sacrifice of sister disciples, who were present before, during, and after Jesus' crucifixion on Golgotha, and who still claim that presence to this day.

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